Settings - Located in the Manage drop down window. This the panel that controls the functionality and workings of Blockade.

            *Make sure you hit save at the bottom of the setings pages to enact any of the changes that you make.*

Blockade Server - This may be turned off of on. 

The Blockade Server controls the use of the Blocklists, When the Blockade Server is "OFF", the Blockade service is no longer using any of the Blocklist and all of the domains that would normally be blocked are allowed through. This function allows you to stop blocking immediately without having to shut down the service, or lose the caching benefits. 

Block Server - This may be turned on or off. 

The Block Server tracks all of the blocked webpages and images visited in the Request History. The Block Server is responsible for serving up the little  icon or the blank spaces you see in place of blocked ads and blocked websites. The Block Server also parses out and tracks the pages and images into the number and types of pages and images seen (HTML,CSS,JS,GIF,PNG,JPG,ICO,SWF,UNKNOWN). 

Cache Server - This may be turned on or off. 

When the Cache server is turned on Blockade is caching in memory all frequently visited websites so the next time they are visited they will render in a fraction of the time as when first visited. 

The Cache Server tracks all of the caching attempts made through history and every successful cache and every miss generated. Blockade Cache Server also shows all of the domains that are currently being cached, as well as the ones that have recently been expired, and the expiration history. How long a specific domain remains in a cached state depends on the volatility of that particular domain. Domains that change more frequently have shorter caching time then more static domains. Example: youtube .com will stay in cache for 21,301 seconds ( 21301 IN CNAME), while will only stay in cache for 3,418 seconds ( 3418 IN CNAME).

History -  History Limit

A history Limit may be set up to 1000 lines, the default is 50. This limit extends or shrinks the amount of Blockade history you may view in any one of the reports. Example: if you set the History Limit to 100, you will see the the last 100 blocked domains in the Blocked Query History.

Blockade Server - Controls how the Blocklists are used and activated.

Block Server - Show Request Querystring

This tool is typically used for advanced problem diagnosis and resolution, or when you just want to see the full breadth of information (path) around a domain being traversed by the block server. Turn this "ON" when you want to see more information about a specific domain. 

Example Show Request Querystring "OFF" Mar 15, 2016 16:54:41 CDT - [],playToLoadedMetadataDuration@v=221,loadVideoToLoadedDataDuration@-v=442,playToLoadedDataDuration@v=227,loadVideoToCanPlayDuration@v=442,playToCanPlayDuration@v=227,playToFirstFrameDuration@v=235:u=ms/qos.:playToFirstFra-meDuration@v=235:u=ms 

Example Show Request Querystring "ON"  Mar 15, 2016 16:55:56 CDT - [],embedToSkinLoadedDuration@v=175,embedToInitCompleteDuration@v=361:u=ms/,loadVideoToLoadedMetadataDuration@v=162,loadVideoToLoadedDataDuration@v=188,loadVideoToCanPlayDuration@v=203:u=ms/qos.-skin.:loadedToUiReadyDuration@v=186:u=ms/qos.:titleSessionStartCountservice1=Airy&client1=Unknown&method1=Unknown&class1=html&instance1=2.0.1351.0&hostgr-oup1=Unknown&host1=Unknown&marketplaceId1=ATVPDKIKX0DER&requestId1=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST&session1=12312345671234567&contentId1=UNKNOWN&titleSessionId1=213-6499063429067000&titleSessionStartInstant1=1458078956129&titleSessionEndInstant1=null&instance2=Aggregate&instance3=2.0.1351.0&client3=Aggregate&method3=-Aggregate&instance4=Aggregate&client5=Unknown&method5=Unknown&class5=Aggregate&method6=Aggregate&method7=Unknown&instance7=2.0.1351.0&cacheBuster1=872279-7905100233000 

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