Metiix is IT done right!

Everything you need for your business; network, security, remote management, help desk, disaster recovery, device assurance and optimization, decision making, technical guidance, project architecture, planning, and peace of mind.

Your customers rely on you, which is why our customers rely on us. Customers are coming to you for your expertise and the specific skills you posses. They need your full attention, excellent service, fast turn around and a beautiful experience, Our customers depend on us to enable that to happen every time. Let our expertise in technology ensure the delivery of your expertise to all your customers.

At Metiix we exist to improve your bottom line profitability, period. We grow as our customers grow and we believe in that partnership, and we deliver.

What you'll come to expect from Metiix is problem avoidance and fast resolution from a highly skilled veteran staff. At Metiix we take a proactive approach to everything IT, keeping our customers ahead of their competition. Our goal is to save you money and time, increasing wealth through the proper use and forward thinking around technology. Analyzing where you have been, pinpointing where you are, and realizing where you would like to be.

Our customers have less down time, save money, and deliver a more positive experience to their customers. Metiix customers stay with our service far longer than the industry average, without constrictive contracts.

We have dozens of built in monitoring requirements specifically calibrated for every device on your network. We have a senior staff of highly trained IT professionals, each with years of industry service behind them. Each team member at Metiix is capable of the largest IT environments as we tackle some of the biggest companies in MN and across the country.

But our passion is your business. Our business is helping those without the luxury of IT Staff or large budgets, and most importantly; our passion is helping those who simply don’t have enough time.