Metiix Cloud Backup Service securely protects today’s VM environments

VM Support

Metiix Cloud Server Backup Supports VM’s

Not only can the Metiix Cloud Agent reside on both physical and virtual machines, but it also supports backup/restore in Hyper-V, VMware, and XenServer environments, using their latest APIs, agent-lessly!

Traditional backup and recovery strategies are not adequate to deliver the granular recovery demanded by today's business. More important, the cost associated with traditional or agent-based technologies essentially negates many of the cost advantages of virtualization.

Metiix Cloud Services provides a robust feature set ideal for virtual environments. We enable the enterprise to maximize their virtualization strategy while achieving superior information protection and recovery management without performance degradation.

Metiix Cloud Services backup/recovery solution has been tested and certified on a wide range of virtualization platforms including:

Metiix Online Cloud Storage removes many of the traditional hassles associated with the protection and recovery of VMs. It meets new data protection requirements that VMware ESX creates by:

By delivering the means to auto-discover guest VMs on individual virtual servers and coupling that with the agent-less backup of guest VMs using CDP, incremental or VMDK-based forms of backups, Metiix Cloud Services fundamentally changes how companies can protect their virtual environments going forward.

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