Metiix Virtual combines business continuance and data backup for effective disaster recovery of your virtual and physical machines.

Backup, replication, and recovery in a single solution for virtual and physical servers. Protect continuously, move data anywhere, and utilize data backup and recovery to retrieve anything.

Global de-duplication reduces the data to such a degree that years of history can be stored both on and off site while consuming a fraction of bandwidth and disk.

Data backup recovery from a virtual standby or by performing a live-recovery. Metiix Virtual eliminates both the backup window and the restore window.

Replicate data from the main core at your data center to your own desired locations, or to the Metiix Cloud. Servers may be made ready for recovery at your own destinations or within the Metiix Cloud.

Utilize intelligent archive features to send archive to local disk, network storage, or securely fold in public clouds like Amazon AWS, MS Azure, or RackSpace.

Metiix Virtual powered by Appassure delivers the fastest data backup and recovery possible for VM, physical, and cloud environments.