Create your own personal data protection grid with Metiix.

We want you to feel comfortable with your data protection solution. Our engineers know that backup is only one aspect of the equation. The solution needs to be secure, reliable, real-time, and easy to manage, as well as fast and efficient in terms of bandwidth, storage, and cost. We believe we have put together the perfect solution.

All of your data protected in real-time with little to no impact to the users or the network. Data is de-duplicated and encrypted on the host to securely transfer to local and independent remote destinations. Choose between sending data to our secure vault or go ahead and send data to as many of your own independent sites and disk alternatives as you wish.

Metiix Grid allows you to protect data to numerous geographic locations of your own choosing at the same time. Write data from a single server to many geographic locations independently for ultimate data protection with no single point of failure.

Harness the power within your own geographic grid to purchase any disk platform from any manufacture or vendor. Send data directly to where ever you want it stored, both in and out of the building at the same time, and across many locations