Welcome to Metiix Drift

Steps to load and activate a Drift client:

  1. Tap the "New Device" button. This will bring you to the "Add New Device" page.
  2. Fill out all the information about the device you wish to deploy your new Drift client on.
    • Enter the device name Example: fileserv001..
    • Give a brief description of the device for future reference.
    • Select the OS for this device.
    • Select a Notify Group. You were automatically placed in the "Default Notify Group" when you created the Drift account. You may add more individuals to the Notify Group, or create alternate Notify Groups in the future.
    • Enter "Tags" for this device to assist in future search (you can add tags later if you like). Examples: mn, duluth, fileserver, production, ops
  3. Tap "Create Device"
  4. The next screen asks you to download the proper version of the Drift client. Pay special attention to #5, the Account and Device Key. You will be asked to copy them into the Drift client during install.
  5. When you download Drift onto the device and run the installer, you will be asked to copy in the "Account Key" and the "Device Key" and select the volumes to be monitored.
  6. Tap "Save" and you should immediately see results on the Drift Dashboard.

Drift Tips

Change Time Zones

See a list all of your devices and manage Device and Account Keys

Edit the Volume Utilization Threshold for any Device

Edit the Device information

Create new Notify Groups

Add Notify Targets

Choose an Alternate Daily Report.

Invite Team Members

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